Monday, August 12, 2013

On Worship

Praise and worship were very much part of my job, my "business". As you may recall from an earlier posting, I was the staff audio tech at a large church, so I was present during all band practices and services. Being a musician myself, I loved music (that should be fairly obvious). I took my job very seriously. This instilled in me a desire to better understand what worship is, precisely. So, I read many books on worship written by the popular worship leaders.

Words like holiness and otherness and indescribable started to make their way into my vocabulary.

True worship was not about me. 

Me. Wasn't I the center of the universe! How could it not be about me?!  (please read with sarcasm)

I started to notice a shallowness in the worship...

an entertainment driven praise and worship.

When I started studying the early Church, I noticed a very different model of worship. 

Today I came across this post on Orthodox Ruminations. Instead of adding another critique about contemporary worship, I'm going to share this one.  He says it well. Enjoy.

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